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Innoversity is the combination of the two words Innovation and diversity, and was coined by the founder of INNOVERSITY COPENHAGEN, Susanne Justesen and published in her very first working paper entitled: "Innoversity - The Dynamic Relationship between innovation and Diversity" in 2001.

Since 2001, Susanne Justesen and INNOVERSITY COPENHAGEN has specialised in how to leverage diversity for innovation in groups, teams, departments and organisations, with our research-based approach.

The Innoversity Model, which was developed in Justesen's Ph.D. project (2004-2007) still provides the foundation for everything we do - and the approach is constantly being elaborated, developed and re-applied in different organisations where innovation is needed. Always with the purpose of getting rid of homogeneity and autopilots, and replace that homogeneity with diversity and innovative collaboration in groups and teams.

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