Google Analytics

Optimise your digital marketing to increase leads and conversions using Google Analytics. Deep dive into your customer data with Google Analytics. This course will demonstrate how to use a free tool to understand how people are behaving on each page of your website. This course will cover how to set up and analyse results. Learn all the key metrics such as time on page, traffic, acquisition, behaviour flow, and key search terms used across your site.

🕑 Duration – 5 days classroom

Key Outcomes

⭐ Installation and Set up

⭐ Admin Settings

⭐ Understanding Metrics

⭐ Creating Audiences

⭐ Reporting

⭐ Analysis

⭐ Understanding Visitor Behaviour


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Google Anlaytics 4

Understand web analytics

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is a free web analytics software which tracks and reports on website traffic. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service.

Digital Marketers utilise Google Analytics to gain insight into their customers. These insights are used to optimise the website to improve the customer journey, achieve marketing objectives and drive sales.


Learn how to use Google Analytics 4 to explore who your customers are. Identify key demographics, location and retention. Use this information to improve your marketing strategy


Discover how your customers find your website. Compare incoming visitors from google, Facebook and Instagram. Identify the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and understand the impact of your email campaigns.


Investigate what your customers do once they are on your website. Examine this data to understand retention and engagement


Track the actions customers take on your website. Define the sales funnel and track conversions along the path.

The techniques demonstrated on this course will allow you to effectively use Google Analytics to analyse the effectiveness of your existing marketing, and optimise for improvements.

The effective use of Google Analytics will allow you to optimise your website to hit your marketing goals. This will result in an increased return on investment in marketing spend. The skills taught in this course are highly in demand by employers. There is a shortage of skilled digital marketers who can implement and analyse Google Analytics data.

Many marketing professionals find Google Analytics difficult due to the number of metrics available. Successfully use Google Analytics by selecting the metrics which reflect your strategy. This will enable you to focus on results.

This course is updated on a weekly basis to keep up to date with the latest feature releases.

Our world class instructors have advanced qualifications and industry experience working for some of the largest international brands and can pass the insight on to you.

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Who is it for?

Looking to optimise your digital marketing strategy  to increase leads and conversions?

This course is for you. Learn how you install, configure and analyse data using Google Analytics.


Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Marketing Executives and Managers

Website Marketers

Web Developers

Website Administrators

Bloggers, Influencers & Public Figures

Online Marketers and Marketing Reps

Learning Path

Develop Your Digital Makreting Skills

Installation & Set-up

Create an account, understand the console and link to your website.
Admin Settings – Configure Google Analytics settings to manage access and control your data.

Understanding metrics

Get to grips with the metrics available, what they are for, and the reasons for measuring them. Use this information to decide how to implement Google Analytics for your clients

Creating Audiences

Learn how to create customer dimensions and track customers using event tracking

Data Collection & Processing

Configure Google Analytics to categorise users and sessions, collect data and implement a measurement plan.


Create reports on audience, acquisition and behaviour to gain insight into your website usage.


Analyse data generated from Google Analytics to gain insight into visitor behaviour on your website. Understand how to use this insight to optimise your website.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Apply remarketing to create a list of website users and share the list with Google Adwords to target PPC campaigns.

Complete Your Course!

Skills Covered

Business case
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Resource Management
Risk Management
Quality Management
Quality Management
Project Management Plan
Project Reporting

Tools covered

Stakeholder grid
Risk matrix
Work breakdown structure
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Network diagram
Gantt chart
Resource histogram
Risk Register
Quality Register


Google Analytics (GA4) Certification

Multiple Choice Assessment

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% Pass Grade
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Improved confidence, credibility and confidence in your role

Earn Google Analytics Certification badge for CV and social media

Keep up with the latest mix of tools, techniques, processes and skills in analytics

Implement analytical tools to improve digital marketing outcomes

Course Instructors

Katie Gallacher

Digital Marketing Instructor

Katie is an experienced Digital Marketer. Katie has worked for a number of large organisations in a digital marketing capacity. These include Booking.com and UHY Hacker Young. Katie is an experienced education professional having worked for some of the UK’s largest training providers. Katies interests include SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing. 

Photo of Jack Hall

Jack Hall

Project Management Instructor

Jack is an experienced project manager working developing projects in Marketing, Events and IT. Jack has years of experience as a tutor lecturer and course developer and has worked with a number of the largest training providers in the UK. 

Career Development

Project management is an in demand skill set required in a number of industries including IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare and Education. Project Managers take business change from concept, through planning and execution. This is a highly transferrable skill set.

Average Salary

Digital Marketing Executive
Source: Glassdoor
Digital Marketing Manager
Source: Glassdoor
Digital Marketing Director
Source: Glassdoor

Job Opportunities

New jobs expected in Digital Marketing

Source: Indeed
Companies prioritising a digital first

Source: Forbes
Growth in Digital Marketing Jobs

Source: Linkedin

The following employers are recruiting Project Managers

Skills Development

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Win more business

Expand your teams skillset to deliver what your clients need. Upgrade your staff profiles to highlight your team have the skills they need.

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This qualification is entry level.
No formal qualifications are required

Work Experience

No formal work experience is required.

Required Documents

No ID Documents are required

Language Requirements

Functional Knowledge of English is required to sit the exam

Other Requirements

Computer with webcam and microphone
Stable internet connection

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