Social Media Marketing

Boost sales, generate leads, improve customer service and increase brand awareness using Social Media. Delve into the top social media platforms to leverage their power to connect with your audience. Learning everything from building presence, strategy, planning, execution, engagement and analytics.  This course is designed for anyone working on social media platforms to promote their organisation on all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest. You will be able to effectively promote your business to achieve key marketing goals.

🎓 Qualification – Social Media Marketing

🕑 Duration – 5 days

Key Outcomes

⭐ Create a presence

Build a community

Social listening

⭐ Plan and execute campaigns

Paid Ad campaigns

⭐ Understand algorithms

⭐ Analytics

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Boost sales, generate leads, improve customer service and increase brand awareness using social media. Social media is the most powerful marketing tool used today. Connect with customers on a personal level using free tools.

Digital marketers and sales professionals use social media to connect with customers and build relationship. Social media is used to connect, entertain, inform and engage with customers.

The techniques demonstrated on this course will allow you to effectively use social media as a marketing channel to engage with customers. You will be able to increase your following and promote your profile to target customer segments. The effective use of social media will allow you to maximise the use of free tools to achieve your marketing goals and save costs on paid advertising. This will result in an increased return on investment in social media marketing spend. The skills taught in this course are highly in demand by employers. There is a shortage of skilled social media managers who can utilise social media platforms to achieve marketing goals.

This course is kept updated weekly to keep on top on new feature releases.

Our world class instructors have advanced qualifications and industry experience working for some of the largest international brands and can pass the insight on to you.

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Who is it for?

New to marketing on social media? Looking to optimise your current strategy?

 This course is for you. Understand the fundamentals of creating and optimising pages, building connections, posting content, running ads and social outreach.

This course is designed for:

Self employed business owners


Business owners /entrepreneurs

Social Media Managers

Marketing executives and managers

Social Media executive

Bloggers, Influencers, Public Figures

Learning Path

Develop Your Digital Marketing Skills

Principles of Social Media Marketing

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Platform overviews    

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Creating a presence

Create and optimise an appealing profile which will attract new followers. Your profile is prime real estate which can promote key brand messages and incorporate powerful calls to action. Optimise your hero section to gain interest and maximise engagement

Build a Community

Once you have the perfect profile, its time to increase your following and build a community. This course will highlight practical techniques to grow your following in key target segment groups. Grow connections on Twitter to reach new customers and build loyalty

Content Strategy

Disappointed you only get 5% reach? Understand the twitter algorithms to boost reach organically. Save on paid ads.

Content Planning

Content drives loyalty. Plan marketing campaigns to take advantage of features unique to Twitter. Develop your ability to keep followers interested and entertained.

Content creation

Tweets, Images, Re-Tweets, Video, Spaces, Communities. We have it all covered

Content Scheduling

You cant be online all the time. Schedule your content to boost consistency. Post when your followers are online to boost engagement.

Paid Campaigns

Stop wasting money with inefficient ads. Get hands on with campaign manager to action paid ads

Social Outreach and Engagement

Connect directly with new customers to build personal relationships to develop new business. This course will demonstrate effective techniques to reach out to your community to build a connecting and generate leads


Optimising your use of the platform to deliver maximum return on investment.
Gain insight into what works and what doesn’t. Drive smart decisions, optimise your strategy and increase ROI

Advanced Features

Spaces, Communities and Tips. Twitter is always updating with new functionality. Keep up to date.

Complete Your course!

Skills Covered

Business case
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Resource Management
Risk Management
Quality Management
Quality Management
Project Management Plan
Project Reporting

Tools covered

Stakeholder grid
Risk matrix
Work breakdown structure
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Network diagram
Gantt chart
Resource histogram
Risk Register
Quality Register

Improved confidence, credibility and confidence in your role

Earn APM PFQ digital abde for CV and social media

Keep up with the latest mix of tools, techniques, processes and skills in project management

Impleplement project management tools and techniques to boost productivity

Course Instructors

Katie Gallacher

Digital Marketing Instructor

Katie is an experienced Digital Marketer. Katie has worked for a number of large organisations in a digital marketing capacity. These include and UHY Hacker Young. Katie is an experienced education professional having worked for some of the UK’s largest training providers. Katies interests include SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing. 

Photo of Jack Hall

Jack Hall

Project Management Instructor

Jack is an experienced project manager working developing projects in Marketing, Events and IT. Jack has years of experience as a tutor lecturer and course developer and has worked with a number of the largest training providers in the UK. 

Career Development

Digital Marketing is an in demand skill set required in a number of industries including IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare and Education. Project Managers take business change from concept, through planning and execution. This is a highly transferrable skill set.


Digital Marketing Executive
Source: Glassdoor
Digital Marketing Manager
Source: Glassdoor
Digital Marketing Director
Source: Glassdoor

Job Opportunities

New jobs expected in Digital Marketing

Source: Indeed
Companies prioritising a digital first

Source: Forbes
Growth in Digital Marketing Jobs

Source: Linkedin

The following employers are recruiting Digital Marketers

Skills Development

After successful completion of this course, you could progress on to

Social Selling

Turn your social media channels into a profitable sales channel. Grow your network, build relationships…

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Workplace Productivity

Develop Skills Inhouse

Tech enabled digital talent development ensures colleagues have the skills you need to leverage ever-changing technology in a digital first workplace.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce costs by enabling your team to make use of industry standard best practice. Qualified personnel are more confident and productive.

Win more business

Expand your teams skillset to deliver what your clients need. Upgrade your staff profiles to highlight your team have the skills they need.

Boost Confidence

Fully accredited and internationally recognised certifications provides confidence to your key clients and stakeholders of your organisation’s competency and governance.

Digital Learning Platform

You can access our innovative digital learning platform on any device. At home, in the office or on the move. Learn where suits you best

Everything you need

All the learning materials are included in this course

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