Psychology of Selling

Looking to improve your sales performance? This course is for you. The five-day Psychology of selling course will give you strategies and techniques you need to level up your sales performance. Apply brain power to your selling activities to improve effectiveness and close high-value deals. Understand the fundamentals of consumer psychology, targeting and segmentation to create your own selling strategies which deliver results. Identify prospects needs and pain points through questioning to position your solution in a way that maximises success. This course will enable you to improve your sales effectiveness by applying simple sales tactics.


🕑 Duration – 5 days  

Key Outcomes

✅ Understand why people buy?

✅ Apply market segmentation and targeting

✅ Developing a personal sales strategy

✅ Effective prospecting and qualification

✅ Discovery calls for effective needs identification

✅ Objection handling, negotiation and closing 

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Psycology of Selling

Improve your selling game

Psychology of Selling

Looking to improve your selling skills?

20% of sales professionals bring in 80% of the revenue. Learn the skills necessary to become a top performer and achieve your sales goals.

Sales professionals are the rockstars that keep all businesses running. Their survival is based on sales professionals bringing in deals.

Sales offers a rewarding and varied career with strong growth prospects.

This five day course is designed for sales professionals looking for practical techniques to improve their game. This course will provide you with an overview of the sales process, from prospecting through to closing the deal. It will take the fundamentals and develop your sales skills and techniques to enable you to think about the opportunity to understand the best approach. You will be taught consumer behaviour, customer segmentation and targeting to tailor your sales efforts to match what the customer expects. This course is designed to enable you to quickly analyse the sales opportunity and adapt your sales approach to achieve maximum results.

Develop your skills to help customers identify their needs and provide solutions to those need. Sales professionals add value to the sales process by providing the customer with relevant information, providing customers with insights and new ways of looking at problems.

Prospecting is the one task that will directly impact a sales professionals performance. Successful sales professionals are those who spend the majority of their time prospecting. The quality of the prospecting efforts can boost the number of meetings booked and therefore deals closed. Learn effective techniques from experienced sales professionals Spend less time chatting to receptionists and more time dealing with decision makes by implementing effective prospecting techniques. Grab your prospects attention with tailored interest getters.

Build trust by demonstrating your competence and understand how to take control of the sale process to maintain the customers confidence.

Ineffective sales people waste time speaking to prospects who are not interested in buying. Effective sales people qualify buyers. This will allow you to spend your time with potential buyers, and spend your otherwise wasted time to improve prospects.

Our world class instructors have advanced qualifications and industry experience working for some of the largest international brands and can pass the insight on to you.

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Learning Path

Develop you sales skills

The Psychology of Selling

Understand the impact of mentality on your personal selling journey. Gain insight into motivational techniques to achieve success
Consumer Buyer Behaviour – Understand the thoughts and actions of consumers before and during the sales. Examine how this impacts on the sales process.

Organisational Buyer Behaviour

Organisations act differently to consumers. Learn how to optimise your sales techniques to appeal to business buyers

Segmentation and Targeting

Tailor your messaging and approach based on your customer. Learn how to identify your customers wants and interests based on key demographics.

Creating a Personal Selling Strategy

Combine buyer behaviour and segmentation and targeting to adapt your sales approach to resonate with the customer as an individual
Effective Prospecting  Break through the noise and gain your prospect’s interest.

Qualifying Buyers

Rookie sales executives waste time chasing prospects who like to chat, but are not ready to buy. Quality your prospect to ensure you save yourself time, energy disqualifying prospects who are not ready to buy.

Booking Meetings

Increase the number of meetings booked with quality prospects
Identifying Need on Discovery Calls   Explore how to ask the right questions to discover your prospects needs and motivations

Positioning Products and Services

Don’t pitch. Position! Tailor your offer to solve your clients problems. Pitching the right way will increase your win rate.

Objection Handling

Objections are natural part of the sales process. Understand the different types of objections and how to handle them. Learn how to provide your prospects with the confidence to buy.


Gain insight into basic negotiation tactics to provide your client with the best available offer


Never sweat asking for business again. Learn how to bring the sale to a natural close and win business.

Following up

Develop long term relationships with customers by following up. Ensure your customers are satisfied and collect social proof to develop future business.

Complete your course!

Skills Covered

Business case
Scope Management
Schedule Management
Resource Management
Risk Management
Quality Management
Quality Management
Project Management Plan
Project Reporting

Tools covered

Stakeholder grid
Risk matrix
Work breakdown structure
Responsibility Assignment Matrix
Network diagram
Gantt chart
Resource histogram
Risk Register
Quality Register

Course Instructors

Katie Gallacher

Digital Marketing Instructor

Katie is an experienced Digital Marketer. Katie has worked for a number of large organisations in a digital marketing capacity. These include and UHY Hacker Young. Katie is an experienced education professional having worked for some of the UK’s largest training providers. Katies interests include SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing. 

Photo of Jack Hall

Jack Hall

Project Management Instructor

Jack is an experienced project manager working developing projects in Marketing, Events and IT. Jack has years of experience as a tutor lecturer and course developer and has worked with a number of the largest training providers in the UK. 

Career Development

Sales is an in demand skill set required in a number of industries including IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare and Education. Project Managers take business change from concept, through planning and execution. This is a highly transferrable skill set.

Average Salary

Sales Executive
Source: Glassdoor
Sales Manager
Source: Glassdoor
Sales Director
Source: Glassdoor

Job Opportunities

New jobs expected in Sales

Source: Indeed
Companies prioritising a digital first

Source: Forbes
Growth in Sales Jobs

Source: Linkedin

The following employers are recruiting Sales Professionals

Skills Development

After successful completion of this course, you could progress on to

Social Selling

Turn your social media channels into a profitable sales channel. Grow your network, build relationships…

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Workplace Productivity

Develop Skills Inhouse

Tech enabled digital talent development ensures colleagues have the skills you need to leverage ever-changing technology in a digital first workplace.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce costs by enabling your team to make use of industry standard best practice. Qualified personnel are more confident and productive.

Win more business

Expand your teams skillset to deliver what your clients need. Upgrade your staff profiles to highlight your team have the skills they need.

Boost Confidence

Fully accredited and internationally recognised certifications provides confidence to your key clients and stakeholders of your organisation’s competency and governance.

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