Working strategically with diversity at a local level – and across multiple cultures – can be a challenge. What makes sende as a valuable approach to diversity or inclusion in one culture, may be non-applicable in a different culture, country or department.

Leveraging diversity for innovation thus requires a highly flexible, adaptable and yet impactful approach – which can easily be tailored to specific needs in particular contexts. This is because people are often motivated differently towards diversity; and as diversity professionals, we often do not know WHAT motivates our colleagues when it comes to diversity, and far too often, we don’t really know WHY.

Furthermore, as diversity professionals, we often find it difficult to really measure and document the impact and results we achieve with D&I work, which makes it a constant challenge to secure the continued prioritisation and funding of diversity efforts. 


A simple and powerful process in just five steps

This new approach to working with innovation and diversity in a design sprint format had been developed specifically fo large and distributed organisations, with an ambitious approach to diversity.

The five step process has been carefully designed by combining a unique understanding for diversity and innovation, with the powerful tools and insights from design thinking – in a manner that secures D&I impact.

  • 1. Establish diversity objectives

    Doing select mini-interviews in department

  • 2. Measure diversity motivation

    In order to select best workshop design (og 4)

  • 3. Diversity Design Sprints

    2 hour tailored workshops

  • 4. Local diversity experiment

    Designed during design sprint workshop

  • 5. Follow up & measuring impact

    Based on motivation and results achieved

Expected outcome of the process

A thorough and systematic understanding of what local departments and units are struggling with or trying to achieve in their local diversity and inclusion efforts

Actual diversity motivation data, which is used to measure the motivation within each department towards diversity in order to tailer the Design Sprint Workshop for maximum impact.

A powerful Diversity Design Sprint Workshop (app. 2 hours), or actually FOUR different workshop designs, depending on how motivated the workshop participants are towards diversity; a highly interactive workshop focused on what is important in each particular context.

Powerful diversity experiments across the organisation, which are designed in the sprint-workshop by the same people conducting the diversity experiment – with only limited support from the diversity team. 

Measuring motivation AND results + impact. Two months later we measure again, how is diversity motivation now? And which results and impact has been achieved in workshop and experiment

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